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This ten-storey speculative office building is located in a heterogeneous built area on Moganshan Road near Hangzhou’s Shuyhan Park. It is orientated at a right-angle to the major traffic artery and surrounded by medium and high-rise buildings of diverse styles. Within this dense context the slim building asserts its object-like presence with a clear geometric form.

Set back from the site boundary on all sides, the modestly sized tower is placed on a hard-landscaped shallow plinth with soft landscaping on the east and west sides. The positioning of the building in the middle of the site provides spatial distance from the neighbouring buildings. Placed above street level, the volume sits as if on a stage. Together with the modulation of the surrounding exterior space, the raised level allows for diverse transitions from city into the building. The shallow plinth with its steps, benches and ramps is crafted from matt grey basalt.

The building is articulated with a reinforced concrete frame. The façade, including the protruding structure, is covered with large copper cassettes. Smaller sheet elements clad the area around the windows. These smaller elements, which are manually pointed using a standing seam technique, accentuate the surfaces within the overall structure. The rectangular columns along the narrow side of the building enhance the slender appearance, and the lively surface of the bronze cladding gives the façade an elegant, vibrant look.

Each standard storey consists of one large space, which is arranged around the central core, and each storey can be divided into two separate units. The floor plans allow for single, group and open-plan offices, a flexibility further supported by the fenestration. The linearity, the generous ceiling heights and the large windows provide a comfortable working environment. All auxiliary functions are located in the central core. While the outer walls are plastered white, oak is used for the cladding of the core and the flooring.