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Casabellalaboratorio has re-opened in Milan with a photographic exhibition about the Procuratie Vecchie building in Venice, organised in partnership with Generali and Casabella magazine. The exhibition features 26 images of the building by Alessandra Chemollo, illustrating the continuous dialogue between old and new. It includes photographs of the restored historic rooms on the first and second floors, the new vertical circulation, and the renovated attic spaces on the third floor which are now home to The Human Safety Net, Generali’s global social enterprise.

At the opening, David Chipperfield and Francesco Dal Co (Casabella), together with Simone Bemporad and Emma Ursich (Generali), introduced the project through an open discussion of intentions and accomplishments. Located adjacent to David Chipperfield Architects’ Milan office, the re-opening re-establishes the connection between the practice and exhibition space that existed from 2018 to 2020.

The exhibition is open to visitors on Saturdays and Sundays from 3–18 December (10:00–19:00), while visits on weekdays will be possible by contacting David Chipperfield Architects at the same address, via Vigevano 8.

Image © Alessandra Chemollo