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Founded by the architect Gio Ponti in 1928, the architecture, art and design magazine Domus has provided successive generations with a platform from which to reflect on the social and physical context of architecture and design throughout periods of destruction, renewal, technological discovery and social change. In the ten years leading up to its centenary in 2028, the magazine has appointed a guest editor each year to direct ten issues. David Chipperfield was selected for the year 2020. 

Through his editorship David commissioned writing and responses from those both within and beyond the profession, drawing attention to the meaning of architecture, the changing role of the architect and the need for a coordinated vision to confront the challenges of climate change and social inequality.

What is our role?
Domus 2020 manifesto

The magazine's ten 2020 cover images created by artist Thomas Demand explore the idea of the cover as a façade and the distinction between reality, reproduction and image in architecture. Behind each of the ten images lies an intriguing back story – explained on the last page of each issue – that reflects on both the tangible and intangible qualities of built constructions that define their existence in our world.

What happened to planning?
Domus N.1042 editorial
We need a vision for housing
Domus N.1043 editorial
The ecology of protection, memory, reuse
Domus N.1044 editorial
In praise of beauty, in the face of crisis
Domus N.1045 editorial
Domus N.1046 editorial
Looking for community
Domus N.1047 editorial
The nature of our imagination
Domus N.1048 editorial
The future of urbanity
Domus N.1049 editorial
Will technology save us?
Domus N.1050 editorial
A Question of Scale
Domus N.1051 editorial
Where do we stand now?
Domus 2020 essay