Experienced interior designer / team leader in interior design, Berlin

We are looking for an interior designer to develop strong interior concepts with convincing presentation and communication skills. The candidate will work together with the practice to find a common language and approach in interior design.

We regard the primary role of interior design to be the creation of healthy, sustainable, purposeful and atmospheric places that have a direct effect on people while conveying a true sense of belonging, participation and ideally happiness. The interior design should enrich our projects.In the past, we were very successful particularly in the area of cultural buildings. We would currently like to diversify and strengthen our portfolio, in particular in the areas of high-end interiors for private houses and apartments, restaurants and hotels with a focus on cost awareness and sustainability.

Key tasks

— Development and management of a small interior design team
— Leading and active involvement in the development and realisation of interior designs;

This includes

— Composition of the team both internally and externally
— Structuring and leading the design process, task allocation
— Project preparation and brief
— Clear identification and formulation of the task, including definition of a project strategy likely to lead to success
— Developing the essential project idea
— Developing strong interior concepts
— Convincing presentation and communication of designs and concepts
— Preparation of submissions: drawings, brochures, screen presentations
— Drafting of design texts
— Presentation of designs both internally and externally in German and in English

Required Skills, Knowledge and Expertise

— Holistic understanding of architecture beyond the concept phase
— Several years of experience as an interior designer, ideally in interior design offices
— Experience leading interior projects
— Experience in costing interior projects
— Experience in timeline planning for interior projects
— Experience in the advanced planning stages and the implementation of projects in interior design
— Ability and willingness to perform all design tasks (modelmaking, CAD drawing 3D+2D, visualisations and graphic layout)
— Software skills in: Archicad, Rhino, Photoshop, Indesign, rendering programs would also be desirable
— Competent written and spoken languages skills in English and German
— Text-writing skills, eloquence and the ability to present engagingly, confidently and convincingly
— Strong aspirations and expectations regarding quality
— High degree of motivation, energy, resilience, will to succeed and tolerance of failure
— Team spirit, ability to accept criticism, communication skills
— Structured, analytical thinking, ability to prioritise, goal orientation, self-initiative, flexibility

Please send your application in digital form (max. 20MB) to bewerbungen@davidchipperfield.de
with the subject line: Interior Designer:in