Archivist, London

David Chipperfield Architects is a leading international practice based near The Strand, London. The part-time (2 days per-week) Archivist is responsible for the management of filing and archiving of models, sketches and project materials as well as the overall coordination of our extensive range of past and current project documentation.

Key responsibilities:


― Log and archive project and accounts boxes, including organisation of transport to external archive.

― Order boxes back from the archive as requested by project architects. Re-box old project materials in new archive boxes and tubes when necessary.
― Manage and update the in-house archive database and external archive website to ensure holding information is accurate and gaps in records are filled in.
― Liaising with senior staff, ensure the archiving policy is kept up-to-date, especially with regards to what to discard and when, and complies with legal requirements.
― Review the archive database regularly and destroy expired records.
― Answer enquiries relating to the archiving of project files and materials, models and sketches.
― Develop the ‘living archive’ concept which is to be established for the first floor


― Keep up-to-date records of models on site (office and basement) and in the external storage facilities.

― Organise transport to external storage and transport back to the office/other places as required.
― Co-ordinate an annual review of models in storage and of associated costs and identify models for destroying as per the archiving policy.

Project filing

― In collaboration with project architects, oversee filing, archiving and weeding of documents and emails at the end of each project stage, including appropriate tagging and naming of digital documents.
― Carry out back filing of archived projects on Deltek.
― Maintain office files and shelves and ensure the office space is organised and managed efficiently.
― Organise internal relocation within the office.

Sketches and slides

― Oversee the scanning of sketches (paper and iPad), sketchbooks and slides.
― Catalogue and archive all sketches and slides in a secure, fireproof location.

Libraries (books, magazines, technical library, brochures)

― Update the library catalogue.
― Coordinate book buying meetings and book purchasing with Communications co-ordinator.
― Carry out an annual inventory of all library holdings.

Sample library

― Organise and re-shelve materials for architects’ project requirements.

Emailed application to should include a CV and a cover letter clearly stating the contact details and the title of the position applied for. Applicants must be eligible to work in the UK. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, within three weeks of receipt of the application.

David Chipperfield Architects is an equal opportunities employer and supports Women in Architecture.