Korean-speaking architect, Milan

David Chipperfield Architects, an international architecture studio with offices in London, Berlin, Milan and Shanghai, is currently seeking to appoint a Korean-speaking architect with three to six years' experience to its Milan office.

The applicant will be skilled in autonomously organising and managing projects and will possess a strong aptitude for working in teams. They will have three to six years' experience in the development and management of architectural projects including project resource management, client relations, organisation of the various project stages and on-site experience. Excellent written and spoken English is essential.

This position is open to all regardless of gender, age or nationality, in accordance with legislative decrees 903/77, 125/91, 215/03 and 216/03.

Both CV and portfolio should be submitted in digital copy with a maximum number of 10 pages in A4 format. Applications that do not comply with this requirement will not be considered. Submitted CVs and Portfolios will not be returned. Please also include a declaration authorizing the use of confidential information in accordance with current privacy regulations (GDPR – European Regulation UE 2016/679).

Please indicate the position applied for using the following wording: Korean Architect (3–6 years' experience).

Please send your application in digital form (max. 20MB) to: info@davidchipperfield.it

or hard copy to:

David Chipperfield Architects Srl
Via Vigevano, 8 – 20144 Milan, Italy