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Following the two previous volumes on Kunsthaus Zürich’s architectural history and the design for turning it into an art museum for the twenty-first century, this book documents the genesis of the extension by David Chipperfield Architects from proposal through political debates about the entire project to completed structure. It features a foreword by David Chipperfield and an essay by Christoph Felger, design director responsible for the project at David Chipperfield Architects Berlin, that discusses the design concept, the promise made with it, and its fulfilment. A conversation between Christoph Felger, the director of the City of Zurich’s Building Surveyor's Office Wiebke Rösler, and Kunsthaus Zürich’s director Christoph Becker, and architecture critic Sabine von Fischer, as well as numerous illustrations and plans sound out this new volume.

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Paperback, 88 pages
19 × 23 cm