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Founded in 2015, harlan + holden is a clothing retailer with 20 stores across South Korea, Indonesia and The Philippines. The company rejects fast fashion, instead focussing on comfortable and timeless pieces. This new store is located within the Lotte World Mall in the Songpa district of Seoul and was developed to serve and represent the brand’s philosophy in spatial and physical form.

The curved store front is clad entirely in grooved terracotta panels with natural colour and finish, giving it a strong physical presence within the mall. Openings are cut into this façade creating an entrance and display window that connect visually to the interior. The interior consists of three interconnected rooms each with its own scale and proportions. Within each space niches accommodate racks, mannequins and the lighting fixtures for display freeing up the rest of the space for circulation. The ceilings and walls are finished in white textured plaster, fostering a calm atmosphere conducive to the appreciation of the clothes.