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During the Milano Furniture Fair, Samsung invited David Chipperfield Architects to participate in a workshop with Samsung Design Team to discuss how the principles of Essentiality, Innovation and Harmony can be integrated into the design process.

Giuseppe Zampieri, Partner and Director of DCA Milan, illustrated these themes through the example of a Restoration Design. He initially explored the concepts of substance and foundation, novelty and originality, balance and proportion, before delving into the meaning of the actions and interventions that are used in a restoration design. Key themes included necessity and accessories, renewal and conservation, coherence and contrast, all aimed at achieving a Newfound Equilibrium between the new and the old. In this equilibrium, no single part is considered more important or consistent than the whole; rather, each part is integral.

Restoration Design, as a practice, involves reintegrating compromised or deteriorated parts to ensure their conservation and maintenance. Simultaneously, it adapts and revitalizes the entire structure. This approach to restoration became a means for deep analysis and an exchange of ideas with the Samsung Design Team.

Image by Alessandra Chemollo