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David Chipperfield Architects’ London office is sponsoring the People’s Pavilion initiative that seeks to empower young people through design. The design competition invites 14- to 18-year-olds from across East London to work collaboratively and in partnership with professional practices to design their own temporary pavilion. The practice has been working with Bruno, Tomi and Zhané, helping them to develop an architectural concept.

Describing their pavilion, known as “Roots of Heritage”, Bruno, Tomi and Zhané explained that “it includes a tree-like pillar that branches out and wraps around the space to meet with the stage platform… The idea of the sheltering tree stems from the fact that our borough is the largest borough with the most integrated cultures, where diversity and community are a strong focus. The tree represents our growth as a borough and the branches that connect our community.”

Their work, alongside that of six other teams, is now on display at Morris+Company in Mare Street and one of these projects will be built in the gardens of the newly extended Lea Bridge Library in Leyton, Waltham Forest.