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The Holocene candle holder by David Chipperfield is part of a series of fire-based light sources by Swedish lighting company Wästberg. The design explores the play with reflections, creating a simple piece that can be used in various ways. The classical approach of combining a light source with a mirror, increases the reflection of light into the room. The mirror, made of highly polished steel, is attached to a wall-mounted bracket, which holds the candle holder itself. The candle holder can be used hanging in the wall bracket together with the mirror, it can be removed and used alone on the table or together with a matching stand to create height. The holder and the bracket are made of steel coated with red oxide, reflecting the simplicity of a candle holder. Like the Holocene oil lamp from 2009, the candle holder is part of the Holocene series, which Wästberg has developed in cooperation with different designers to celebrate natural light.

Image © Simon Menges