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The November issue of Interni features a concluding review of the Torlonia Marbles exhibition in Rome and includes a series of photographs by Alberto Parise. The celebrated works of sculpture, displayed in a series of rooms in the Villa Caffarelli, were highlighted against neutral brick floors and plinths, and walls made of natural clays in intense earthy colours. Numbering almost 100 pieces, the Torlonia Marbles were arranged according to their date of acquisition rather than chronologically. The collection was restored specifically for the Rome exhibition, which is now on tour.

In the article Antonella Boisi and Giuseppe Zampieri discuss classical concepts and their relevance to projects. Invention and fabrication (inventio), engagement and arrangement (dispositio), and description and narration (elocutio) are concepts that are drawn together in the context of the Torlonia Marbles exhibition, its location and history.

Photos by Alberto Parise - Collezione Torlonia Copyright Fondazione Torlonia