03.11.2020Suit-Case travel bag for Tsatsas

Suit-Case is the result of a collaboration between the German luxury bag manufacturer Tsatsas and David Chipperfield Design. The travel bag launched online in November.

Born out of the desire to create a bag that accommodates the lifestyle of the economical traveller, Suit-Case weighs only 2.7kg and is hand-luggage sized. It is handmade entirely of ecologically conscious materials, embodying the aesthetics of understatement and clarity while eschewing short-lived trends. The completely biodegradable wood fibre case structure, the envelope of black tanned calfskin and the soft nappa lambskin, combined with a natural canvas lining, give this completely plastic-free suitcase a robust longevity.

The compartments inside offer storage space for documents, a laptop, a pair of shoes and garments for daily use, as well as for a neatly folded suit on a dedicated brass coat hanger. Suit-Case is manufactured upon request by experienced leather bag makers in Germany.

Image © Gerhardt Kellermann