22.12.2020Pandemic and Shopping, Confinement and Living

The December issue of INTERNI magazine features an extensive article in which Giuseppe Zampieri, Partner of David Chipperfield Architects Milan, reflects on the pandemic and its repercussions for retail and for the domestic environment, examining the possible scenarios, situations and opportunities that are opening up now and in the future.

Giuseppe argues that, as a consequence of the pandemic and for other reasons, shopping will need to be based on a wider vision and retail design should offer something that goes beyond globally traded products, focusing more on a local level and on creating places where people want to spend time, spaces no longer based solely on the shopping experience but more on the brand experience.

Giuseppe also asserts that, as a consequence of the confinement, the combination of natural and artificial transformations has enabled people to rediscover the quality of living in the home as a primary need, so domestic spaces seem to be moving towards greater flexibility with less specific and looser functions.

The article is accompanied by two recent works by David Chipperfield Architects in Milan, the Furla Flagship Store in Piazza del Duomo with a new Store Concept and the Persol Concept Store in Via Fiori Chiari, both developed under the supervision of Giuseppe Sirica, Associate Director of David Chipperfield Architect Milan.

Read the full article on pages 132-135 and the English translation on page 205 of the digital issue here: