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Situated in Borgo Cavour in the city of Treviso, the historic Palazzo Ancilotto was constructed in the sixteenth century and has since undergone a long series of interventions and changes, both internally and externally. The distinctive character and features of the building today are the result of its rich history and each layer is readable, especially internally, where restoration work has been in progress over the last two years.

Last year Alessandro Benetton, Founder and Chairman of 21 Invest, invited David Chipperfield Architects Milan to assist in the careful renovation of the Palazzo, which was recently acquired from the adjacent Collegio Pio X and is intended to serve as the main headquarters of the company.

Through a constructive dialogue with the Superintendent of Architectural Heritage for Venice, the renovation project was approved, with conditions, by the public authority last week, marking a significant step forward. The project is set to complete by the end of 2021.

Image © Richard Davies