29.11.2019Amorepacific graphic design wins Beazley Award

The design, which was undertaken by Pentagram working closely with David Chipperfield Architects Berlin, won the Graphic Design of the Year Award. It incorporates the architectural branding, graphics and signage for the new headquarters of the Korean cosmetics company, which opened last year.

A basic principle of the project was to integrate the signage graphics into the existing structure, to avoid intrusive additions distracting from architecture. The challenge of orientation in a cuboidal building was overcome by looking to the unique geographical surroundings, with ‘river’, ‘mountain’, ‘park’ and ‘city’ being used to designate each wing. A new Hangul-inspired Latin typeface was designed to create visual consistency between the written forms of English, Chinese and Korean.

Beazley Designs of the Year celebrates the best examples of design across six categories: Architecture, Digital, Fashion, Graphics, Product and Transport. An exhibition of all the award winners is on show at the Design Museum in London until 9 February 2020.

Image © Noshe