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Anne Hidalgo, Raymond Johansen and Giuseppe Sala, the mayors of Paris, Oslo and Milan respectively, took part in a panel discussion with Lina Ghotmeh and David Chipperfield at MIPIM in Cannes on the 14 March. Organised by C40 Cities, the panel discussed the organisation’s Reiventing Cities competition. Nineteen cities have identified 49 underutilised spaces by this initiative, which invites developers, architects, environmentalists and others to collaborate and compete for the opportunity to transform these sites. The competition was discussed in the context of the Réinventer Paris pilot competition for several sites in Paris, where Lina Ghotmeh and David Chipperfield Architects each won a particular project. The discussion centred on how the commercial world can work together with cities to shape future urban development. The discussion was moderated by El Akl Hala, Director at PLP Architecture.

Image © Hélène Chartier