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A four-week workshop run by the Fundación RIA is now underway. Taking place in the municipality of Ribeira, A Coruña, the workshop will focus on urban regeneration and the design of intervention strategies for regional infrastructure.

The aim of the initiative is to develop methodologies for gaining a better understanding of the causes that produce urban deterioration and identify strategies to counteract these disruptive forces. Three major themes have been identified for study: urban centres, port-city integration, and green borders. The workshop will conclude on Wednesday 28 November following 1,800 hours of dedicated work by the 15 selected participants.

The participants include young architects and senior architecture students from the universities of A Coruña (ETSAC), UPC Barcelona (ETSAB), UAH Alcalá de Henares and UBI Portugal, supported by experts in related fields, who will deliver lectures throughout the workshop.