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Barth, the interior furnishing company renowned for its wood craftsmanship, has selected David Chipperfield Architects Milan for their annual wine box commission. The design is inspired by ki-oke, the traditional Japanese wooden buckets that are used for a variety of purposes, from storing rice and miso paste to holding water for bathing.

The precise craftsmanship required for Ki-oke production has been honed over centuries of teaching and is built on traditional techniques that date back 700 years. Individual sections of the bucket are fixed together using inconspicuous bamboo pins to form perfect joints that are almost imperceptible to the eye.

The Barth Wine Box, produced using similar techniques, is a long octagonal container with a lift-off lid. While the primary role of the box is to hold a wine bottle, it is crafted as a durable object which can be re-used for other purposes.

Image © Juergen Eheim