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Last month Domus launched its first training project, an intensive Master in Design and Fashion course lasting seven days from 24 – 30 June and dedicated to innovations in the design of fashion spaces. The course is organised by Accademia Editoriale Domus in collaboration with the Ordine degli Architetti Paesaggisti e Conservatori of the province of Milan, and in partnership with brands such as Gucci and Tod’s. Following an invitation from Giovanna Mazzocchi, president of Editoriale Domus, and Walter Mariotti, Editorial Director of Domus, Giuseppe Zampieri, partner at DCA Milan, conducted the inaugural lesson for 25 invited participants.

The lesson covered a range of topics and terminology based on several decades’ experience in the industry: from store-concepts, concept-stores and pop-up stores to the current trend in which traditional commerce and e-commerce are influencing each other to give rise to a whole new generation of hybrid store-concepts.