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The first few weeks of the second phase of the Ria de Arousa research project have seen the team focussing on the region’s urban and port areas as well as its infrastructure. Establishing and cataloguing land and building usage, and setting these into the wider urban context, they have been investigating the role of the ports, their future use, and how they can help re-connect the towns with the sea. The region’s infrastructure has also been analysed and will inform a plan for more sustainable mobility and access as well as improved roads.

In parallel to this research, meetings have been held with representatives from the Galician government, local authorities, fishing industries and sustainability bodies as the team seeks to build new and strengthen existing connections.

Progress will next be presented to the public at the 4th annual Forum of Restoration in Rianxo on 7 May.

The Ria de Arousa research project began in 2016 and its second phase started in February of this year.

Image by Adrian Capelo