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On July 14, David Chipperfield and DCA London launched a new foundation in Spain. The Fundación RIA (Rede de Innovación Arousa) was announced at a public presentation attended by the President of Xunta Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, and the Conselleiras of Ordenación del Territorio y Medio Ambiente and Mar, Beatriz Mato and Rosa Quintana.

With support from members of regional universities, researchers, field experts, industry representatives and local government, the foundation’s aim is to preserve the unique character and ecology of the remarkable Ría de Arousa coastal region, with its thriving fishing and agriculture industries, while also working to restore the balance of its built and natural environment.

During the presentation of work undertaken over the last year, a number of pilot studies were proposed for five specific locations, which include strategies for the future development of industry, preservation of the natural environment, urban regeneration, and the successful integration of essential infrastructure.

The president of Xunta Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijoo, also spoke at the presentation, and added his support for the initiative, which he welcomed as an excellent framework for future policy developments.

The next phase for the Fundación RIA will involve seeking funding, developing further studies and preparing specific proposals for the different administrations in the region.

Image by Adrian Capelo