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The Naga Site Museum plans will go on display this week in an exhibition at the Art and History Museum in Geneva entitled ‘New Museums: Intentions, Expectations, Challenges’. Curated by Art Centre Basel in collaboration with Musées d’Art et d’Histoire de Genève, the exhibition examines, through contemporary project studies, how museums position themselves as places of exchange and communication. A two-day ‘Museums of the 21st Century’ colloquium will be hosted as part of the programme on 1-2 June.

The Naga Site Museum is designed to protect part of the archaeological site of Naga, an ancient city in modern-day Sudan. It functions primarily as a facility for storing transportable findings from the site in a secure environment, while also serving as a rudimentary exhibition hall. This approach merges the discovery, study and display of an artefact, integrating archaeological process and exhibition.

The exhibition opens 10 May and will run until 20 August.