30.09.2016Topping out of the Carmen Würth Forum

Construction of the Carmen Würth Forum has reached a key stage with the topping out of the ‘event and chamber music hall’. The project, located adjacent to the Würth headquarters in Künzelsau, Southwest Germany, was designed by David Chipperfield Architects Berlin. The building is embedded in the landscape and will create a new plateau, with two retaining walls made of in-situ concrete framing an open courtyard in front of the main entrance. This space can be used for open-air concerts and other activities. The large indoor event hall is accessed from a naturally lit foyer. While the lower part of this hall is sunk, the upper part is glazed and rises above the terrain. A small chamber music hall is placed adjacent to the main hall and is only perceptible from the outside as an undulation of the landscape. Completion of the ‘event and chamber music hall’ is due in July 2017. A conference centre and a museum for the Würth art collection are to follow in a second construction stage.