21.06.2016Ria de Arousa study - week 2

After spending the first week travelling around local municipalities and collecting information, the Ria de Arousa workshop group are now based in Ribeira where they are collating their findings and developing a methodology for protection and development strategies. Looking at the challenges and potentials of the territory, the team are focusing on three main areas: how best to promote a productive fishing culture; the impact of urban development on the local ecosystem; and an assessment of local industrial development across various sectors.

Alongside this research, the team continue to strengthen key connections with the community of the Ria and engage with wider discussions. Towards the end of the week ‘Colectivo 1aun’, a young practice from A Coruña, shared their extensive research on the Ria de Arousa with the group. In addition, Cristina García Fontán, a teacher in urbanism at the University of A Coruña, also shared some of her projects with the workshop, and provided key advice on research methods and presentation techniques.

Image © David Chipperfield Architects