13.06.2016Ria de Arousa study – week 1

The team of graduates and students participating in the study for environmental development and protection of the Ria de Arousa area have gathered in Galicia to begin their research. During the first week the group visited various municipalities and met with local authorities and stakeholders to gain an understanding of the current state of the industry, ecosystems, cultural heritage and urban planning in the area, as well as the complexities of their interdependence. Among the places visited were the fishing port of Portosin, a shellfish cultivation area in Boiro, canning factories near A Pobra la Caraminal, the Patho Goian historic manor building, new urban developments in Allariz, and the Ecoespazo ecological farm.

Over the coming weeks the group will collate their observations to define the key focus of the study.

Image ©David Chipperfield Architects