29.06.2016Ria de Arousa study - week 3

For the Ria de Arousa study’s third week, the team has prepared for the first of two workshops with David Chipperfield and guests, held on 24-25 June. The team outlined key areas felt to have been exploited by a lack of overview and misguided priorities and looked in depth at how this had affected the natural, agricultural, industrial and built environments.

Day one of the workshop, the team presented their work to David Chipperfield, Fermín Vázquez (Visiting Professor at University of Barcelona and co-collaborator with DCA on the ‘City of Justice’), Simon Kretz (Senior Assistant and Lecturer for Urban Design at ETH Zurich) and Hans-Jürgen Commerell (Partner at Architekturforum Aedes, Berlin).

The second day of the workshop included additional input from Carlos Seoane (Teacher of Construction at University of Coruña , Juan Creus (Head of Project and Urbanism Department, University of Coruña), Xose Lois Martinez (Teacher of Urbanism at University of Coruña) and Fernando Agrasar (Director of School of Architecture, University of Coruña). The discussions identified the scope and potential of the workshop and final presentation. The team proposes that the preservation of the quality of the natural environment, particularly water, is of central importance to all sectors, helping to restore a more harmonious relationship between nature, economy, and development.

Image ©David Chipperfield Architects