13.07.2016Ria de Arousa study - week 5

The fifth and final week of the study of Ria de Arousa culminated in a weekend-long workshop with David Chipperfield, experts and local authorities. The team presented their conclusion, highlighting the area’s dependence on natural resources and its direct effect on the economy. The marine ecosystem of the ria and the quality of water are crucial for both tourism and the local industry, in particular the shell fish and fishing sector. Through a discussion with experts from a diverse range of fields, including economy, urbanism, geography and cultural sectors, with representatives from the fishing industry, it was agreed that a catalyst was needed to address the problem and to initiate collaboration from all sectors.

The regional government and mayors gave their support to the future development of the study, ensuring financial contribution to continue the work. DCA will take part in the second stage of the study as it evolves in the next 12 months.