28.11.2016Baumeister curated by David Chipperfield Architects

David Chipperfield Architects Berlin and the University of Stuttgart’s Institute for Public Building and Design have guest curated the December 2016 issue of the German architectural journal Baumeister.

The issue focuses on questions of perception and understanding of architecture. Gottfried Semper’s ‘Theorie des Stoffwechsels’, formulated in his opus 'Der Stil' (published in 1860) is used as a starting point. Usually translated as ‘metabolism’, in German the term ‘Stoffwechsel’ is more ambiguous, but it can be literally translated as ‘change of material’ (Stoff: material / Wechsel: change).

The magazine features articles by 13 different authors, an interview with David Chipperfield and Alexander Schwarz, and a series of photos taken in the shell construction of the James Simon Galerie on Museum Island in Berlin.

The German issue is available for purchase and an English version will be released shortly.