19.05.2015The Valentino Turret Clock strikes five

Designed by David Chipperfield and John Morgan, the Valentino ‘Turret Clock’ has now finally been installed onto the façade of Valentino's Flagship Store in New York. It was manufactured by GB Milano, creators and producers of timepieces since 1937. A ‘Turret Clock’ is a large clock with more than one dial allowing the time to be read from different directions.

Conceived as an extension and integration of the Store façade, it is not only a clock for indicating and measuring time, but is also a device, illuminated day and night, that identifies and denotes the building as a public venue on 5th Avenue. A brass mechanical-electronic instrument indicates hours and minutes with moving hands on a round dial which incorporates just one Roman numeral, number five, recognisable as the Valentino ‘V’, making the clock specific to the brand.

Image © Eugenio Matteazzi