10.06.2015Plans for company headquarters in Paderborn

The design for the conversion of Paderborn’s former 'St. Vincenz' hospital in Germany into new headquarters for a family-run company was presented today in a press conference.


The existing ensemble, situated in the city’s mediaeval town centre, originates from a 17th century monastery, Santa Maria Angelorum, which was converted into a hospital in the 19th century. Following severe damage in the Second World War it was rebuilt and extended in the 1950s. The new conversion project involves the removal of post-war additions, exposing the historic building fabric of the monastery and creating a picturesque ruin-like structure with the former cloister at its heart. New extension wings will be arranged in accordance with the orthogonal structure of the original ensemble ranging from two to three-storeys. Within the urban landscape of the Pader Springs, the complex establishes a new coherent unit, while maintaining historic continuity.


The project is due to go on site in 2016 and completion is scheduled for 2018.