17.09.2015Developed and modified Nobel Center is unveiled

Today, a modified proposal for the Nobel Center has been unveiled to the press. While the fundamental concept of the ‘Nobelhuset’ remains the same, the building has been reduced significantly in size. It now has a clearer division into a base, middle and top floor that relates to the surrounding structures on the Blasieholmen peninsula. A public terrace facing the south has been created on the top floor and offers spectacular views. A review of the room program has given top priority to public spaces. The design of the Nobel Auditorium has been further developed and will be highly suitable for the future Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies as well as various kinds of public meetings. By removing the underground car park and its ramp, space for an attractive square has been created to the north of the building. On the other side, facing the water, an open green space extends to the quays. The uppermost floor, which also integrates the roof structure, now houses a publicly accessible bar. The modified design integrates the Nobel Center even better in its urban context and establishes a lively interaction with the citizens and visitors of Stockholm.