Domus N.1050Technology

The October issue opens with essays by Todd Gannon, Helen Thomas and Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani that explore the ever-evolving relationship between architecture and technology and the complex ways in which they continue to interact as both systems and cultural expression.

For this month’s Practice section, we invited fellow architects to respond to the question: what is next for architecture? The wide-ranging contributions from Jacques Herzog, Saif Ul Haque, Adam Caruso, Jeanne Gang, Alireza Taghaboni (NextOffice), Michael Murphy and Alan Ricks (MASS Design Group), and Hans Kollhoff address the question in pragmatic and philosophical ways, giving hope that there is still a vital and fulfilling role to be played.

There is writing by Kazuko Koike, Jasper Morrison and Francesca Picchi on design, while Niels Olsen and Fred Fischli explain the collaboration between Roger Diener and Marc Camille Chaimovicz. The issue also includes contributions from Studio Mumbai, Roel De Ridder, Mela Zuljevic and Liesbeth Huybrechts, Ben Lerner and Fulvio Irace, as well as artwork by Thomas Demand and Thomas Struth.

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