Domus N.1043Social housing

The February issue of Domus magazine highlights the critical need for social housing provision worldwide based on an understanding of housing as a fundamental human right. It calls for the architecture and design community to generate new visions for sustainable places to live.

The magazine includes projects by Amateur Architecture Studio, Aires Mateus, Ensamble Studio, and Christian Kerez; an interview with Swiss architect Peter Märkli; artwork by Tobias Zielony, Thomas Demand and Thomas Struth; a drawing by Tony Fretton; Jasper Morrison on the Thonet No. 14 chair; and writing by Lynsey Hanley, Paolo Berdini, Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani, Amin Taha, Austin Williams, Manolo De Giorgi, Brendan Cormier, Ambra Fabi, Giovanni Piovene, Senator Katrin Lompscher, Marwa Al-Sabouni, Shantel Blakely, Giulia Guzzini and Jonathan Griffin.